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Fun facts!

Posted on 11/20/2017

-If you don't floss and/or use a waterpik you are are not cleaning 40% of your tooth!

-If you are right handed, you tend to chew on the right side of your mouth...and visa versa

-The average person only brushes 45-70 seconds a DAY. Recommended brushing time is 2-3 minutes, twice a day.

-Gingivitis is reversible and preventable...all you have to do is floss/waterpik daily and keep up with dental cleanings with your hygienist!

-There is such thing as brushing so hard that you damage your enamel!

-Sonicare tooth brushes remove up to 10x more plaque than manual brushes.

-An average person spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth over their lifetime.

-Many diseases are linked to your oral health ie: heart disease,osteoporosis and diabetes...just to name a few!


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