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All about crowns

Posted on 12/18/2017

I've had fillings before, but this is my first crown. Will it hurt?   Just as you did with a filling,you will be given a local anesthetic medication to keep you comfortable. Once you're numb, the only difference between a filling and crown would be the length of the appointment. You'll FEEL no difference:)

How is my crown made?  Our office sends needed scans (digital impressions) to our lab the day of your treatment. From the scans, our lab make your a fully custom, beautiful crown.

Where will my crown be made? All of our crowns are made locally by a highly skilled dental lab here in the great state of Oklahoma!

Will other people be able to tell I have a crown?  Dr. Kuker is a high skilled esthetic dentist who works with a wonderful lab. You can let Dr. Kuker pick your custom color, or pick one with her.

What is my crown made out of? Will it be white? Our crowns are made out of high performance Zirconia.   Compared to other crown materials such as porcelain/metal crowns, Zirconia is up to 5 times stronger while still providing a beautiful, natural look.

Will I be able to eat anything I want with a crown?  The day of your first appointment, you will leave with a temporary crown. This will protect the tooth structure underneath and hold the place for your permanent crown. Once your final custom crown comes back from the lab, it will be permanent cemented. This final crown after it is fully set up will look and function just as a normal tooth would!


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