Brush Up On Some Toothbrush History

WITH ALL THE AMAZING technology we see today, you probably haven’t thought much about the wonder that your toothbrush is...

Learn The Benefits Of Dental Implants

IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED TOOTH LOSS, you are not alone. In fact, more than...

Calcium Isn’t Just Good For Bones—It Benefits Your Smile Too!

WE'VE ALL BEEN TOLD (and many of us tell our children) that milk builds strong bones. But...

Extra Floss? Try These Tricks!

WE KNOW, WE KNOW… We ask you about flossing every time you come visit us!

Saliva: The Unsung Hero Of Oral Health

EVER THINK ABOUT HOW great your saliva is? Probably not. We’d love to...

Chewing Sugar-free Gum Boosts Your Oral Health

GUM ISN’T ALL ABOUT freshening your breath...

How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

DID YOU KNOW THAT STRESS can have an effect on your oral health? As if you needed any more on your plate!

Are Sports And Energy Drinks Damaging Your Teeth?

DRINKING ENERGY AND SPORTS DRINKS ON a regular basis is becoming increasingly popular...

What To Do About Congenitally Missing Teeth

WHILE MOST PEOPLE HAVE thirty-two permanent teeth that develop...

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Tongue!

A HEALTHY TONGUE IS incredibly important for a healthy mouth. We know we talk a lot about...

Why Is Fluoride So Good For Our Teeth?

WE DENTISTS MAKE a pretty big deal about fluoride and how good it is for your teeth...

How To Make The Most Of Your Dental Visits

FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON, you only see your dentist twice a year. While you may think...

10 Fun Dental Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

THE TRUTH IS, our teeth are amazing! We’d like to celebrate our teeth by presenting you with some interesting dental facts you may not have known!

Back To Basics: The DO’s And DON’Ts Of Toothbrushing

BRUSHING OUR TEETH is something we do everyday. And yet...

What Is A Frenectomy?

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD of a person being “tongue-tied” or “lip-tied?” We can help!

Tooth Fairy Traditions

THE TOOTH FAIRY IS ONE of many childhood fantasy figures we remember with fondness. The legend isn’t quite the same for everyone though...

Pets Need Their Teeth Brushed Too!

DID YOU KNOW THAT FEBRUARY is Pet Dental Health Month? That’s right! Your pets need their teeth taken care of too!

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